What is the prophetic significance of blowing the shofar? Who, where and when to blow the shofar? What are the results of blowing the shofar? What is corporate blowing of the shofar? How to use the shofar as a prophetic instrument? How to clean and maintain the shofar? These topics and more will be covered in the Shofar Workshop conducted by Kum Pui. Since 2006 Kum Pui has been conducting Shofar Workshops and has trained many shofar teams in Singapore and in the nations. If you like to have a shofar workshop conducted in your church, please contact Kum Pui @ +65 65635233.

For sale enquiry of Yemenite shofars and Ram’s horns from Israel, please contact Kum Pui.

Kum Pui has also published a book, “Shofar The Sound of Covenant”. This book has been translated into Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. The ebook is available for free download at